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What is Eco-fashion?

  1. clothing and other goods produced by methods that are not harmful to the environment, e.g. using materials that have been recycled or that have been grown without the use of pesticides.
    I've been having the dilemma of late deciding whether calling Edwards and May and eco-fashion label is embracing enough or does it just sound like green washing like so many other companies do.  Then I found the quote from Livia Firth........ 'call it 'Eco Fashion' if you like, but I think its just common sense.'  
    Again common sense is not so common.  So when common sense is against the majority of society when it comes to the fashion industry I guess we do need to stand up and give a clothing brand with (not so common) values a Label.  So until the majority of garments produced are done so with common sense Edwards and May will continue to call ourselves an Eco-Wear label.
    Lets keep the conversation going on 'Who Made Your Clothes' and you'll be surprised at how many labels out there are switching to sustainable and ethical production. 

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