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I love to OP Shop

It’s always longer than anticipated between blog posts.......why? Why? Why?

It’s called life! It’s called being a small business and working on designs and physical output. However I thought it was time I share with you how my love of repurposed fabrics came about. 


Well I’m a serial op shopper. I do this so often I’ve abbreviated it to ‘Opping’.  Whether I’m in Melbourne, Sydney or a cute country town in outback Queensland I will find an op shop and I WILL find a treasure. If not for me one of my family or quirky friends.


It goes something like this.....

... I have 5 mins to wait to pick up the kids.  Oh let’s Op shop

.....I have 2 mins as the doctors are running late.  Oh let’s Op shop

....I have 30 secs waiting for my husband to buy a spare part. Oh let’s Op shop.


I think you get it.....I figure it’s healthy, supports a good cause and keeps me financially in check. Not to mention it has everything in one place.


I often found sewing supplies, left over fabric remnants, patterns and sewing books. And as they say the rest is history.......


Keep tuned for some pics of my finds and how to accessorise in the thriftiest way.


I love to Op Shop ❤️


Off to bust some tags.....


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