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  • Boxers aint Boxers

    Men, Men, Men, Men, Menly Men, Men, Men.........Well boxers ain't boxers...  Before I finalised my boxers pattern I did a lot of research (horrible job asking men what they like and what annoys them about what they sleep in) on best fit and look boxers.  Fly or no Fly...  Tight fit opposed to loose fit.... Plain or colour, long or short and the list goes on.  Our Boutique boxers are what we came up with
  • I love to OP Shop



    Well I’m a serial op shopper. I do this so often I’ve abbreviated it to ‘Opping’.  Whether I’m in Melbourne, Sydney or a cute country town in outback Queensland I will find an op shop and I WILL find a treasure. If not for me one of my family or quirky friends.


  • What is Eco-fashion?

    Edwards and May will continue to call ourselves an Eco-Wear label.
    Lets keep the conversation going on 'Who Made Your Clothes' and you'll be surprised at how many labels out there are switching to sustainable and ethical production. 
  • Our first business nomination. Sustainability Contribution. Holy Cow........

     Eco-wear clothing label Edwards & May has been nominated for the Sustainability contribution award 2018 as part of the TRC council small business awards. 
  • How and why the E & M journey began

    All garments are made on the beautiful Atherton Tablelands by a small team of local sewers with more experience than I have years. I am ‘sew’ grateful to be lucky enough to have such talent in our small farming community
  • The new pinup of the Fashion revolution. HRH Prince Charles.

    So thank you Charles for bringing worldwide attention to a few things that matter.